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AR-308 Fixture Kit

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AR-308 Starter Jig Kit includes all fixtures and tooling you need to complete an AR-308 80% lower receiver in the Ghost Gunner CNC mill.

Includes the following items:

  • AR-308 Jig Set:
    • 4-piece injection-molded black plastic mounting fixtures for completing 80% AR-308 receivers
  • Tooling:
    • 1/4″ custom carbide end mill
    • 5/32″ HSS drill bit
    • 1/4″ collet
    • 4mm collet
  • Nuts, bolts, and washers:
    • 3 M4x55 mm bolts
    • 2 M4x20 mm bolts
    • 1 M4x80 mm bolt
    • 3 M4 nuts
    • 7 M4 washers
    • 3 M4 T-slot nuts
    • Grip bolt (1/4in x 1in).

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