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So you hate contact forms because you don’t get a bounce back message - so you never know if it actually went thru? Or it feels generic - so it will probably get lost? Or nobody thinks it’s their responsibility - so no one will answer? Or it feels like you’re somehow untrustworthy and don’t deserve a real email address?  Or you just prefer to send a message in an environment you’re used? 

Yeah, we get that feeling too. So we’re taking no risks and displaying everything. That's how important it is for us to answer your questions and help. But trust the SUBMIT FORM is set right and we respond immediately. Please choose your most comfortable option: 

Points of Contact


Address Product Development
Customer Support

Indie Group LLC
11954 Narcoosee Road
Suite: 2-178
Orlando, Florida 32832

Ray Villafañe
(407) 233-8182
Joe Guillen
(407) 758-8979
Lawrence Destefano
(407) 375-2333

Where you mail all  material (returned items, checks,  money  orders, letters, packages, etc.)

Can speak to specifics 
about planning, selecting,
buying, and developing
new products, and legal
requirements where
certain items may be sold

and shipped.
Can speak to specifics 
about orders, shipping,
invoices, billing,
Can speak to specifics
about build issues, e.g., 
drilling, milling, malfunc-
tions, stoppages, etc.