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AR-15 GG3 Starter Kit

Includes all fixtures and tooling to hold 5.56 80 receiver in place while GG3 gets to work cutting your unserialized, unregistered, untraceable, untouchable EBR. Can’t Stop the Signal.



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To prevent busybodies from illegally spying on your financial transactions, or obtaining such by warrant or service of process.

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Specifically, since no payment is required at checkout when placing your order, there’s no record which evidence sales of 80% frames, receivers, gun parts, components, or accessories. Nothing for busybodies to search and seize, and nothing we can provide in response to subpoenas, summonses, court orders, demands, or requests for your name, phone number, email, billing address, shipping address, IP address, or an itemized statement of gun parts you purchased from our store. Zerozipzilchnada.

We’ve been clear about this. We neither keep nor provide any meddlers with intel on law-abiding customers building guns in the privacy of their own home. Full stop.


Like normal except there’s no payment required at Checkout. Just click Add to cart > View cart > Proceed to checkout > Place order 

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Calling is also the time to ask about anything. Here are some FAQs we get:

I was emailed an invoice after placing order. Is this not a record busybodies can access?

Should I get ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Do you ship to commie states? 

Is your phone tapped?

Can I send money orders/checks through snail mail?

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The AR15 Starter Kit is not included with your Ghost Gunner 3 purchase. This is a supplementary item that is sold separately. If you’re buying the GG3 to cut AR15S then you need this Starter Kit to get started. If you’re buying Ghost Gunner 3 to cut AR308s then you would buy the AR308 Starter Kit, and so on…

Includes the following items:

Tooling: 1/4″ custom carbide end mill, 5/32″ HSS drill bit, 1/4″ collet, 4mm collet.
AR-15 Jig Set: 4-piece injection-molded black plastic mounting fixtures for completing 80% AR-15 receivers.
Nuts, bolts, and washers: 3 M4x45 mm bolts, 2 M4x20 mm bolts, 1 M4x80 mm bolt, 3 M4 nuts, 7 M4 washers, 3 M4 T-slot nuts, and grip bolt (1/4in x 1in).

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