Shipping & Delivery


No BS Same-Day Shipping or $100 Refund 

It's simple and exactly what it sounds like — we guarantee your P80 BBS Kit will ship out on the same day it was ordered. If it doesn't happen, Indie Guns will initiate an immediate $100 refund to whatever method you initially used to make the payment. NO BS.

We strive to provide affordable same-day shipping! We also want to provide you with the best possible shopping experience with simple return policies. Find everything you need to know on this page about orders, shipping costs, speed and delivery times, returns, cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or other restrictions. For any other questions just call or email us. One of the owners should pick up or respond shortly. 


Small parts are shipped in tear/puncture resistant poly bubble padded blank envelopes. Larger items are packed in blank corrugated boxes. To prevent drawing any unwarranted attention from gun thieves, no markings of any kind that will indicate the nature of the contents could be a firearm will be placed on the outside wrapper or container of any mailpiece. INDIE GROUP LLC will be the senders name on the nondescript shipping label. 


New gun laws are always being passed. While we make every effort to update our shipping policy to reflect state and federal laws, the information contained on this page may not always be current or all-inclusive. It is your responsibility to know and understand all current laws governing the sale, transport, making of, and ownership of a firearm in your state. Any orders placed that cannot be fulfilled because of certain state or federal laws may be subject to an automatic cancellation and refund, and such orders will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Indie Guns only ships within the United States. Shipping is prohibited to states and locales with restrictions against certain parts and/or accessories (i.e. states with high-capacity magazine restrictions). Federal legislation dictates we cannot ship our products internationally. Please review state-specific restrictions below before to ensure you can purchase and receive our products before placing an order:

New Jersey

New Jersey’s Attorney General has demanded that companies stop marketing and selling untraceable weapons or “ghost guns”. Unfortunately, we cannot allow sales or shipping of any of our items to the state of New Jersey. See N.J.S.A. 2C:39-9g.

New York

New York's Attorney General has also demanded that companies stop marketing and selling 80% lowers and firearm receiver blanks to residents in New York. Unfortunately, we cannot allow sales or shipping of our products to New York.

New York law criminalizes the possession, manufacture, sale, and transportation of assault weapons, which are defined as any semiautomatic rifle that can accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of several enumerated secondary characteristics, including a pistol grip or a stock that folds, telescopes, or bears a thumbhole.


Connecticut recently enacted Substitute House Bill No. 7219 Public Act No. 19-6. This Bill prohibits the sale, shipment, and ownership of un-serialized 80% lower receivers and all other firearm receiver and frame blanks in the state of Connecticut. Since receiver and frame blanks are not regulated by the ATF and are not engraved with unique serial numbers at the time of manufacture, we cannot sell 80% lowers to Connecticut residents.


(HB 1739 effective July 1, 2019)
Unfortunately, we can’t allow sales or shipping of undetectable and/or untraceable unfinished lower receivers to the state of Washington.

Rhode Island

District of Columbia

Please be aware of your local firearms laws. Such laws are updated frequently and restrictions described here may not be complete.


We ship USPS or UPS. Shipping costs and delivery dates are determined by the shipping option selected at checkout.


If a product received by you proves to be defective or not to your reasonable satisfaction, please contact us within 30 days of the original order with the name of the product and the issue(s) relating to the product and we will promptly send out a new product with our apologies or pursue reimbursement as we see fit.

Returning New, Unopened & Unused Items

We gladly accept returns on new, unopened, and unused items for any reason within 90 days of shipping for a full refund. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible for all our builders. Because of this, returns of new, non-defective items are subject to a 10% re-stocking fee and return shipping costs.

Returning Defective Items

We want your experience with us to be the best. You deserve quality lowers and gun parts! If you ever receive an item that is defective, broken, or otherwise deficient, we want you to return it. We’ll work to make it right for you. Get in touch with us to start the return process as soon as possible. For returns of lower receivers, please read below.

Returning an 80% Lower Receiver

It is highly unusual for 80% lower receivers to be manufactured out-of-spec or with incorrect tolerances. In very rare cases will we replace these. If you notice a defect, do not attempt to machine it. If you started the machining process stop immediately and contact us. Once a lower is partially machined, it may be classified as a firearm under the Gun Control Act of 1968. We cannot accept returns on items that may be considered a firearm. But that does not necessarily mean we can’t accept your return. Keep reading:

Partial or Completed 80% Lower Returns

If your lower is completed or partially completed and found to be defective by no fault of your own, we’ll work with you to replace it. Do not do anything further to the lower. Give us a call first or send an email. We will attempt to diagnose the issue with you. We may ask you to submit photos to confirm the defect. If we can determine it's defective, we’ll discuss how you can legally and safely return it. Remember, we cannot accept returns on any items that may be considered a firearm. We cannot accept a return on any lower receiver with any other parts installed on it. Returning a partially-machined or completed lower may require destruction to make it inoperable, such as cutting the lower in half. This is the only way to guarantee your safety and ours.


Canceling an Order

Please contact us as soon as possible if you place an order and wish to cancel. We work quickly to process, box, and ship orders the same or next day. Canceled orders may be subject to the 10% re-stocking fee once placed. We cannot guarantee canceled orders will not be subject to a re-stocking fee. The sooner you contact us, the better!


Refunds are processed within 2 business days of receiving your item back into inventory. We will process the refund with your original payment method. We’ll also email you a copy of your refund receipt. Upon initiation of a refund, it may take up to 3 to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your account.


We adhere to all state regulations restricting the sale of high-capacity magazines. We cannot ship magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds to the following states:


This may not be a complete list. It is your responsibility to understand state laws regarding hi-cap magazine restrictions. If you live in a restricted state and order a hi-cap mag that we cannot otherwise fulfill, the order will be canceled and your money refunded less a 10% restocking fee.


Indie Guns supplies firearm accessories, gun parts and crafting tools. We do not sell firearms. We do not maintain a Federal Firearms License (FFL), nor do we engage in the manufacturing of firearms. We do not provide gunsmithing, engraving, or other related services which may require Federal Firearms Licensing. It is your responsibility to know and understand all local, state, and federal laws governing the fabrication, production, crafting, gunsmithing, or otherwise making of a firearm.


IndieGuns sells components that, when purchased and used together, may constitute the making of an NFA, AOW, or other restricted weapon, like a short-barreled rifle. It is your responsibility to know and understand all laws governing the making of a restricted firearm, including those governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA), the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).


The information contained on is provided for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as an offer to perform gunsmithing, manufacturing, or legal services on any related or other subject matter. The content of this website contains general information about firearms and may not reflect current legal developments or information concerning local, state, or federal gun laws. The information is not guaranteed to be correct, complete or current. Indie Guns makes no warranty, expressed or implied, about the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in this website or at any other website to which it is linked. Recipients of content from this site should not act on any information included in the site without seeking appropriate legal advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from an attorney licensed in the recipient’s state. Indie Guns expressly disclaims all liability with respect to actions taken or not taken by the recipient based on any or all the information or other contents of this site.